Ecoluxury is rooted in our belief in making tomorrow better than today. 

At London W11, we connect with the conscious consumer… 

    • Cashmere garments made of reclaimed cashmere waste with five times less environmental impact than 100% virgin cashmere 

    • Designed to be beautiful beyond tomorrow and made to last 

    • Ethically manufactured in Italy; stylish garments that are truly lived in and loved for years to come. 

    • Luxury items that reduce waste and are ethically made, minimising our impact on both the planet and the artisans who make       our garments.




Keeping valuable fibre in the economy and fighting waste is an imperative objective. On average some 15% of material is discarded at each stage of the production cycle. Precious waste that wants to re-enter the economy. 

Garments made of recycled cashmere yarn preserve this natural resource, saves large amounts of water in contrast to 100% virgin fibre yarns; making it the most sustainable cashmere knitwear production process and closing the loop. 




Slowing down the pace of consumption begins with design.  London W11 is from the start a slow fashion brand. We have broken with the relentless cycle of design and production demanded by seasons. 

We create cashmere garments that bridge luxury and craftsmanship, made with care and detail; with purpose to every piece to outlast trends for a maximum of longevity. 

Our solution to a sustainable wardrobe: That it be thought through, with timeless modern garments, made to wear diversely – seamlessly integrate into the modern woman’s lifestyle, today and the future. 




To guarantee heirloom quality cashmere yarn, we blend a minimum of 80% recycled fibre with up to 20% grade A virgin cashmere fibre to balance the reclaimed fibre. Only the minor part of virgin fibre is dyed to blend in with the shade of the reclaimed fibre to harmonise the final colour. 

Our recycled cashmere yarn is certified by TextileExchange with the Global Recycled Standard kitemark. TextileExchange is a global non-profit that works closely with their members to drive industry transformation in preferred fibre, integrity and standards and responsible supply networks. 




It was a conscious decision to produce in Italy, searching for a manufacturer who shares our values as well has the artisan skills to manufacture our luxury garments.

EU regulations protect workers’ rights. Maglificio di Marra is family-run in the second generation and complies with the best practice principles set out in the SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA).

Reduction of our carbon footprint; the vicinity within Europe reduces the travel miles for us to visit, and to manage the supply chain of our yarn, components and manufactured garments. 

We visit them, work with them on their premises, they consider their employees as part of their success and take pride in their training and each garment which leaves their premises - we learn from them and love every moment with them. 

6 times lower environmental impact


London W11 makes circular cashmere garments that are made from sustainable practices from the very moment of conception through delivery of the final garment.

Cashmere styles that are made from 80% regenerated cashmere fibre, 20% grade A virgin cashmere fibre. 

Totalling a reduction of  92 per cent in water, 82 per cent in energy use and 97 per cent in carbon dioxide;                                                  a 6 times lower environmental impact than 100% virgin cashmere.


We are fully committed to transparency. Offering trace-ability from material to manufactured garment as well a cost breakdown of the items we create. We invite you to have a peek into the back scene, share our stories with you. We believe that this is the only way to create honest luxury cashmere knitwear.