Mindful Luxury  –  Be part of the change

At London W11, we make luxurious cashmere garments that suit the world of today and the future. Conscious design for mindful luxury - we connect with the conscious consumer : highest quality of cashmere yarn, sourced from mills who work in direct partnership with the herders, encouraging sustainable herding and grazing practice;  a manufacturer in Italy who shares our values and works accordingly; our commitment to transparency by sharing our process with you down to the level of cost of every garment we make.

Conscious Design

Slowing down the pace of consumption begins with design.

London W11 is from the start a slow fashion brand.  We broke away from the relentless cycle of design and production demanded by seasons.

We create cashmere garments that bridge luxury and craftsmanship, made with care and detail; with purpose to every piece to outlast trends for a maximum of longevity.

Our solution to a sustainable wardrobe: Thought through, timeless modern garments,  made to wear diversely – seamlessly integrate into the modern woman’s lifestyle, today and the future.

 Responsible Sourcing

Animal welfare, sustainability and trace-ability are the three pillars of ethical sourcing principles. Creating heirloom-quality cashmere yarn demands care and craftsmanship at every stage.

We are consciously sourcing our cashmere yarn exclusively from Italian and Scottish mills who are able to verify their relationship with the herders in Mongolia; lay open their methods of operation. It’s in the mills own interest to work directly with the herders to promote and encourage sustainable standards to protect the luxury quality of the fibre and the sustainable livelihood of the farmers.

The sustainability of the cashmere yarn includes the process of dyeing and spinning.  All of the dyes our mills use are REACH compliant to ensure the chemical safety of our products and our process is APEO NPEO free.  This allows the water consumed during the dyeing of the cashmere fibre to be cleaned and returned to nature without harm once the dyeing is complete.


Ethical and Mindful Manufacturing

Ethical pioneering; we searched forensically for a manufacturer who shares our values of ethical and mindful manufacturing, humans for humans, as well has the artisan skills  and history to produce the luxurious garments we want to create.

It was a conscious decision to manufacture in Italy.  EU regulation protects worker’s rights. Our manufacturer is family-run in the second generation and complies with the best practice principles set out in the SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA).

We visit them often, work with them on their premises on new techniques, stitches and finishes; they consider their employee as part of their success and take pride in training them their skills and of each garment which leaves their premises -  we learn from them and love every moment with them.


Low Carbon Footprint

We limit our carbon footprint by our choice of origin. Our decision to manufacture and to work only with components made in Italy or Scotland limits the mileage of travel of each garment we create. The fibre travels one way from Mongolia to Italy and Scotland to be spun and from there to our manufacturer.

The same applies for our button supplier. Shells are sourced only from unprotected species but safeguarded by standards the governments of the Pacific establish to ensure conservation and reproduction of marine species. The shells travel to North Italy to be crafted into buttons by our supplier. A maximum travel to 3 countries are involved rather than up to 10.  So much more to do though,  a continuous process to work on solutions to lower our carbon footprint. We are committed.

Traced From Fibre And Components To Final

We know who spun and dyed the luxury cashmere yarn we source. We know who made the components we need to create our garments. We don’t source from agents. We buy direct. We visit them.  We know our suppliers.


We are fully committed to transparency. Offering trace-ability from material to manufactured garment as well a cost breakdown of the items we create. We invite you to have a peek into the back scene, share our stories with you. We believe that this is the only way to create honest luxury cashmere knitwear.