Slow Luxury


Cashmere is one of the most valuable natural materials in fashion and we are passionate about helping to protect the future of this noble material. Being renewable and biodegradable, cashmere is a sustainable fibre when sourced responsibly, and managed well through the entire supply chain.

Unfortunately, the increase of demand for the fibre leads to more cashmere goats being raised than the land can handle. Animal welfare and the pastures on which they are farmed are affected. Goats have sharp hooves that break through the top soil, their grazing habits include eating grass and plants from the roots up. The land requires fallow time to recuperate but due to the growing herds on the same size of farmland, less time is available. Reduction of natural resources results, endangering the livelihoods of the farmers.

Cashmere must be luxurious, aspirational and time lasting. Sourcing responsibly this fine yarn is for us an imperative as luxury quality cashmere fibre comes only from well-kept goats, and from herders who regard sustainable practices as principles which protect their livelihood. We source our cashmere yarn from mills who have a direct relationship with the herders, paying fair prices to encourage and monitor animal welfare and sustainable herding practices. It is in the interest of the mills to work in close relationship with the herders in Mongolia to ensure the high quality of cashmere fibre which protects upstream business and livelihoods. Responsibility begins at the source.