Sonia Rich Reds Cashmere Scarf
Sonia Rich Reds Cashmere Scarf London W11 Cashmere scarf multicolor pink red 0 Shot33_WACC1631RED_032 Shot33_WACC1631RED_007 Shot_03_009 copy

Sonia Rich Reds Cashmere Scarf


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Warm and energising shades of red and pink, framed by a warm limestone beige, make this scarf a welcomed accent of your wardrobe staples. Warm and energising is a difficult task to achieve in one piece of art, but this exclusive print is developed in collaboration with a London artist and so achieves the task effortlessly! A step in the process of design is the creation of a painting on canvas, as the colours used by the artist have the unparalleled depth we desire to have for our printed cashmere scarves. The painting is scanned and the scan is the blueprint for the printing process onto luxurious woven cashmere wool blend. This scarf allows for many alternatives of wearing and accentuating of shades, with fringes along the frame to give a subtle detail and make the scarf even richer.


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