LONDON W11 evolved from a mindful cashmere brand to a circular cashmere brand in 2020.

Founder Eva Maria Khan has worked with global luxury fashion brands in Munich, Paris, Milan and London, acquiring in-depth knowledge about the luxury fashion industry and market. These years provided the platform for gaining deep market insight and building a network that can access the best of the best.

The fashion industry’s need to clean up its act and the customers’ call for measurably sustainable garments drove Eva Maria to the decision to transition London W11 cashmere to circularity - a commitment to make desirable new luxury garments out of the unwanted old. 

Her passion for reclaiming precious waste is highlighted by London W11’s cashmere recycling programme. “Making recycling easy will be a game changer that leads to the preservation of natural resources” Eva Maria says. 

Committing London W11 to recycled yarns and recycling made easy, Eva Maria begins a movement that brings positive change.