Notting Hill, London W11, the Inspiration……


In our story, I told you we started our London life in the neighbourhood of Notting Hill. Indisputably, London is the most cosmopolitan city in Europe with the highest density of cultural diversity. London is British, but I always felt foremost it is London! Each neighbourhood has its own dynamic. We decided for Notting Hill because we found normality and authenticity next to exclusivity, different to other central London neighbourhoods.

Notting Hill, with its Portobello Road, attracts many tourists from all over the world. People come, see and enjoy the eclectic choice of small cafes, restaurants and retail, accommodating many tastes. This vibe is created by local residents, a cultural mix of English and people from all over the world.

Women, juggling raising a family and a career, stay at home mothers, but involved in charity. For all of them, time is precious and consider themselves as conscious consumers.