London W11 Brand Statement

LONDON W11 Core Values

London W11 is more than a brand. It is a lifestyle and a set of principles born of passionate personalities who work as we live, taking design icons to imbue our creativity and instil confidence and competence.

LONDON W11 Design Values

Modern, luxurious, effortless, sensual and dependable modern design is at the heart of London W11. It is an idea brought to life through lines, shapes and material. Modern design balances the effortless with the luxurious, the sensual with the dependable. It is always evolving, changing, building upon the previous. London W11 is cashmere knitwear in context, made to suit us and our lives; items we can depend on. Our design process is a dialogue between seasonal trends and our enduring ideals. Fine, thought through details finishing the effortless but sensual lines, made from luxurious cashmere yarn make each item into a dependable wardrobe staple.


Modern, luxurious, effortless, sensual and dependable design gives an item its longevity. It is our fundamental aspiration to create cashmere garments for you which live long with you.

To achieve what we aspire to, the sourcing of the material, the provenance, the depth of design detail and the context of the item, together build the layer above our design values.

Then, choosing simply the best yarn from renowned mills in Italy and Scotland, entering partnerships with manufacturers who have a history of crafting luxurious garments, brings the finish of our creation process and ensures that our product achieves our aspirations for your wardrobe.