Let Me Tell You Our Story – A Passion For Cashmere


Welcome to London W11!

I am passionate about luxury essential items, items which have a long-term value and are just effortlessly chic. I hope to share this passion with you so this is my journey and my vision:

My career in fashion started in the ’90s after I graduated from university. I was lucky to work from the start with exciting labels such as Helmut Lang, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Norma Kamali. My marriage took me to live in Milan and Paris where I continued to work for luxury labels Christian Dior, Prada, and Calvin Klein. Along came three wonderful children. At last, we arrived in London where we first lived in vibrant Notting Hill.

At that moment, I had worked for years in fashion and with several luxury brands. I felt that the market lacked a versatile, modern but luxurious cashmere product. I aimed for a product with a low cost per wear, sustainability, longevity, an easy solution to dress every day, effortless chic, and durable. That’s when I founded London W11 where I cater to a product that is to make you feel utterly glamorous as a conscious shopper!

London W11 is the first circular cashmere brand in the world, with strong partnerships with the finest mills in Italy that recycle precious waste into fine luxury yarn. The timelessly modern designs will shift conscious consumer into a responsible one when they choose to wear our garments which will last them longer than they can imagine.

My luxury cashmere brand is proud to contribute to global sustainability by producing beautiful pieces in Europe from recycled cashmere fibre and cloosing the loop with our recycling program, evidence based sustainability is where my heart belongs.

So what are the brands key aesthetics of our circular designs?

  1. They are hard-working cashmere knitwear garments – the effort in not only creating these durable garments is strenuous, but it will last you longer than your usual off-the-mill shelves.
  2. We only focus on thoughtful designing – by sourcing recycled cashmere yarn for our non-obsolete knitwear.
  3. Longevity is Sustainability and for that, you have to consume less but get more out of the value than the cost.
  4. We can only coexist with ethical manufacturing. Working with our knit makers in Italy, who have a proven record of sourcing practising ethical management.

At that moment, fast fashion and excessive consumerism has plagued the world and that’s where London W11 has the perfect solution – DON’T BE AFRAID TO CARE! A concerted effort should be made to help make sustainable and circular products accessible to everyone. I quite like to think this way – it’s a two-pronged attack. Not 'buy less, buy better' but simply 'buy less'.

For me, a luxury product comes with beautiful yet responsible packaging. Therefore, each London W11 item is carefully placed in recycled silk paper and arrives in a beautiful gift box made from resyscled paper, wrapped with ribbon made from recycled PET bottles, bridging  your luxury shopping experience and sustainability.

Enjoy your circular journey by shopping with us and think of us if you have a cashmere item in your wardrobe that is too precious to bee thrown away but too damaged to be worn! Send it to us, we recycle it into fine luxe yarn!

In a relationship with sustainability,

Eva-Maria Khan

Founder of London W11