How do I wash cashmere?

Treat stains immediately by rinsing the spot in cold water. Hot water may make the stain set into the fabric.
Wash cashmere in a washing machine ONLY if it does not have an agitator. Choose a hand wash or wool


Hand wash cashmere knitwear using cold water and a detergent made for fine washable fabrics.
Remove water from the garment after washing by rolling it in a towel. Do not wring the water from the item.

How do I dry cashmere after washing?

Reshape the item after washing it. Air drying is best for cashmere knitwear. Lay the garment flat to dry on a drying rack, and keep it from direct heat and sunlight.

Use a warm iron that is set on steam or wool if you need to iron the garment. However, if your cashmere knitwear is allowed to sit for a day or two after you wear it, many wrinkles will disappear.

How do I store my cashmere clothing?

Store your cashmere knitwear in a cool, dry location such as a cedar chest or a drawer or closet with cedar chips or mothballs, folded with tissue. Make sure the garment is flat so that the fibres do not get damaged. Dry cleaning before long-term storage will also help keep moths away, as the body oils that attract them will be removed.