Easy and Mindful Care for Longevity

Slowing down production and consumption requires garments made to last in design, quality and easily cared for. Inspired by this ethos we ensure that our cashmere garments are machine washable if required.  One major benefit of cashmere is its adaptability to temperature due to the high moisture content in the fibre. However, after the repeated wear of a cashmere garment a simple airing over night will give the desired refresh. When a wash is needed, a short cycle in the wool program using wool detergent and air dry is the easy care requirement for our garments.


London W11 cashmere garments are manufactured to be machine washable. The circular cashmere yarn is of the highest quality with a long lifespan; cared for with ease and low environmental impact. If airing over night for refreshing is not sufficient, machine wash on a wool cycle and air dry refreshes the garment.

We do not recommend washing your cashmere in a top-loading washing machine; ONLY in front-loading machines with a WOOL cycle. A delicate cycle is NOT recommended.

The wool cycle only does half turns, like rocking a baby smoothly into sleep. The delicate cycle does full turns, although slowly, but the full turn within the water and the detergent, is what the cashmere wool doesn’t take well.

What to do:

1. Turn your garment inside-out in a laundry bag.

2. Select a WOOL cycle with a temperature of 30°C/86F maximum. Use ONLY wool detergent

3. Briefly spin your cashmere to remove excess water.

4. Dry flat, out of direct sunlight.

5. Do NOT tumble dry

6. Iron with low heat once dry


nasty stains have to be removed to ensure the wearability of the item.



1. Cashmere item needs to be clean before putting back into the closet

Never put clothes away dirty. Sweat, hair and food stains attract moths and make it more likely for the female moths to find the perfect site for their eggs to hatch. Wash your cashmere with a special wool detergent which is vegetable-based. If you are thinking of storing your cashmere for the summer then do so in a zip storage bags in a clean closet until the next season.

2. Zip bags

Moths hate light and being disturbed. Their life cycle is about 21 days, so every month open your drawers and shake your clothing. You might even consider airing your clothes in the full sun as larvae are strongly repelled by light and will fall from clothing.

3. Freezing out moths

If moths are in your cashmere item try freezing moths out, a method that works particularly well with cashmere. Wrap the cashmere in acid-free tissue paper and put it in a plastic bag. Freeze overnight, then defrost slowly. This will kill anything, including moth larvae.

4. Anti-Moth products

A great anti-moth product is cedar balls. Loop them around your hangers to keep the moths at bay. They are made using ingredients such as lavender, rosemary, clove or cedar wood and as much as we love this smell, moths absolutely hate it. However, these products have to be replaced every season.