Artist Partners


Three seasons ago I decided to introduce to our luxury cashmere knitwear capsule a small complementing selection of scarves. The idea was to add scarves to our urban chic cashmere knitwear designs; scarves that had a deep colour story and a complexity to their design.

I wanted the scarves to be truly unique; artistic; a painting, a print, a piece of art, which complemented our cashmere knitwear but also has its place on its own.

The design development is a complex artistic process. Our collaboration with an accomplished west London based artist has enabled London W11 to create the scarves that I had intended: a unique piece of art in a featherlight cashmere wool fabric of a generous measurement of 130cm x130cm.


I have lived in London for a few years and am lucky to have a varied social network. The diversity of London makes it natural to meet, mingle and socialise with people of all kinds of background and profession. I shared my intention to introduce an exclusive selection of scarves and London W11 soon entered a collaboration with a London based artist to create scarves of artistic design using artisanal craft techniques throughout the design development.


London W11 is all about cashmere. Our knitwear design is made of 100% cashmere, with intention – we don’t work with mixed yarns. The same applies for our scarves, but we create them with elaborate designs printed on woven fabric rather than cashmere as the cashmere fibres themselves are too delicate to withstand the printing process, so it has to be blended. You find all kind of blends on the market and I opted for the finest and softest for luxury with longevity: a wonderful cashmere blended with the finest extra virgin wool.

Our scarves are a delight to wrap around you. We buy this fabric in Italy at a supplier who is weaving and sourcing the raw fibre himself. The fabric is then sent to the manufacturer who is printing our designs straight on to it, so quality control is at its optimum and we ensure that you receive the finest quality product.

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